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Radio Frequency Equipment for endogenous diathermy. This device uses the RF’s bio-stimulating effect on physiological cellular mechanisms which activates the natural regulation of skin tissue. This physical process is nothing more than a natural displacement of electrons from a positive to a negative pole. This shift causes a warming of the deep tissue, that as a direct consequence, induces a shortening of the subcutaneous elastic fibers, with an immediate contraction of tissues as well as a production, by the fibroblasts, of new fibers of collagen. The RF treatment reaches the subcutaneous tissues at greater depth than other similar treatments. The offer of our Radiofrequency machine is set in a very comprehensive way. In fact our customers can address their interest in the RF machine that meets their specific operational needs, by choosing from resistive or capacitive emitted energy. Resistive energy Radiofrequency: in the tran- smission of RF resistive energy electrons pass within the body from one electrode to the other, with greater accumulation in the vicinity of the elec- trodes, stimulating the generation of beneficial heat directly from within the body, inducing tissue regeneration. Capacitive energy radiofrequency. The transmission of Capacitive radio frequency energy takes advantage of the condensing effect. The phenomena of attraction and concentration generate immediate visible effects on the damaged tissue. In brief, our Radio Frequency system allows you to perform reshaping , toning, anti- aging and anti-cellulite treatments, in a pleasant, non-invasive and free of side effects.


  • Pleasant and effective treatment
  • Tones and revitalizes the skin from the first session
  • Relaxing and easy to use


  • Tissues toning
  • Immediate collagen contraction
  • Skin Rejuvenation
  • Reduces cellulite
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