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Designed for intensive use and a highly professional and versatile work , thanks to the plurality of specific programs designed to benefit from this type of treatment. PRESS MASSAGE SYSTEM produces a peristaltic wave with different pressures, set according to the areas to be treated and the time necessary to achieve the pressure in the area, all program- mable according to the specific needs. Made according to national and international safety standards (CEI 62.5), it uses the most modern and sophisticated electronic technologies, such as the microprocessor cir- cuits for the continuous control of all the functions, that, in addition to taking into account individual treatment needs, allows to obtain results with the maximum degree of safety for the client. PRESS MASSAGE SYSTEM is fully computerized, equipped with a touch screen display where 24 treatment programs (22 body, 2 arms) are shown and whose values are defined by pre-set physiological parameters. The device allows the operator to set any other type of program in order to define customized pressure treatments according to specific needs. The system consists of 8 (eight) + 6 (six) sectors divided by each limb (foot, leg, arms, groin and abdominal drainer) with stacked inner tubes. To ensure maximum security PREss MAssAGE sYsTEM, is equipped with an internal pressu- re sensor: the air supply is controlled by a micro processor that allows to vary the amount and the pressure inside each sector. The result is a physiological compression which, like a wave, envelops the limb evenly promoting blood or lymph flow as well as the re-absorption of fluids from tissues into the vessels. simple and complete in its functions, PREss MASSAGE SYSTEM allows you to deal with all the safety issues related to: circulatory stasis, both venous and lymphatic legs swelling, poor cir- culation, fluid retention, cellulite in all its stages.


  • Easy to use
  • Suitable for intensive usage
  • Computer controlled
  • Stored and Custom Programs
  • Electronic regulation pressure and delivery of air
  • Highest level of safety
  • Arms Lymphatic Drainage


  • Venous and lymphatic circulatory stasis
  • Legs Swelling
  • Legs and arms poor circulation
  • Fluid retention
  • Cellulite in all its stages
Press massage system2

PRESS MASSAGE SYSTEM is a medical device manufactured in Italy according to the national and international security standards (CEI 62.5) whose intended use is certified under EU Directive 93/42 / EEC. The device, therefore, is usable in a hospital environment, private doctors’ offices and other specialized personnel.