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Innovative pulsed light system with water cooling using Criostim. Designed and created for professionals in the aesthetic sector, POWER LIGHT PULsE allows you to choose the most appropriate method to perform photo hair removal treatments that are selective, progressive and permanent. Due to the special shape of the prismatic filters and to its computerized micro- technology, the equipment emits a beam of light with a wave length between 600 nm and 650 nm. The characteristics of the light emitted and the uniformity of irradiation of the treated area allow to operate on more extensive skin surfaces, quickly and safely. The equipment includes an innovative Xenon lamp, digitized management of all operating parameters and a completely silent circuit. This unique and outstanding feature, allows the operator to pre- set, in the programming stage, the load of noble gas in its interior, ensuring that treating large kin areas, the exact sequence of light output requested by each single pulse is ensured. This system allows to treat at the highest levels both pale or tanned skins, providing each treatment the maximum care and safety. The triple cooling system provides a beneficial refreshing effect to the light pulse handpiece that is connected to the cooling provided by the Criostim handpiece, creating ideal conditions for the treatment of the most sensitive areas of the body, making the treatment nicely appreciated also by those with greater skin sensitivity. The special CRIOsTIM handpiece, from CRIO (cold) and sTIM (stimulation), also allows the operator the option of a complementary use as a hair removal treatment. In fact, based on the principle of the cryoelectrophoresis at a temperature between 1 and 9 degrees, allows you to achieve excellent results bringing the products to the skin: anti-cellulite ingredients, firming, toning, anti-aging, moisturizing products, etc. The POWER LIGHT PULsE does not cause redness or trauma to the skin and ensures effectiveness of the treatment from the first session, in such an enjoyable and noninvasive way.


  • Safe and effective method
  • Easy to use
  • Low noise level
  • Versatility
  • Detailed Parameter Management
  • Support and technical training



  • Permanent depilation
Power Light Pulse 2