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Innovative aesthetic and medical water cooled pulsed light system with CRIOsTIM. Designed for the most demanding professionals, it allows the operator to choose the best configuration to conduct treatments
for: hair removal, rejuvenation, acne and vascular lesions. Thanks to the special prismatic shape of the filters and its computerized microtechno- logy , the equipment emits a beam of light with a wavelength between 400 nm and 1000 nm. The characteristics of the light output as well as the uniformity of the irradiation over the treated area, allow to treat larger skin surfaces, quickly and safely. The particularity of the INTENsIVE sKIN LIGHT is its triple action air-water-cryo cooling system . This provides a continuous, beneficial cooling effect to the pulsed light handpiece which, associated to the refreshing effect of the CRIOsTIM handpiece, creates the ideal conditions to treat the most sensitive areas of the body (armpits, groin, mustache, etc), making sure that the treatment is also appropriate with subjects who have greater skin sensitivity.

The apparatus has a silent operational circuit, completely managed digi- tally and is equipped with an innovative Xenon lamp. This unique and ex- clusive feature allows the pre-setting, in the programming phase, the filling internally of noble gas internally, making sure that despite the size of the treatment area (up to 15 cmq for each pulse), it ensures that the required emitted light is given on any single pulse on any single pulse. INTENSIVE SKIN LIGHT includes reduction masks to allow treatment of the most de- licate and circumscribed areas such as groin and mustache, five different filters suitable for the necessary emission frequencies; Photorejuvenation (Green filter), clear skin hair removal (filter Red), dark skin hair removal (Dark red filter), acne treatments (Violet filter) and treatment of vascular lesions (Orange filter).


  • Hair removal also in cases of hirsutism
  • Treatment of melanocytic lesions
  • Damages caused by exposure to intense solar radiation (Rejuvenation)
  • Acne
Intensive skin light2