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Innovative Cryolipolysis system associated with vacuum suction techni- que which, without invasive techniques such as liposuction, allows you to fight, in a targeted and controlled way, excess fat and cellulite,. This power- ful and innovative technique based on cryo (cold) and vacuum aspiration (Vacuum), uses the localized, selective cooling mechanism of the fat cells. This mechanism, through a slow and gradual process of demolition and dissolution of cells (lysis), leads to their natural elimination from the body, or to a scheduled, selective apoptosis or death of the adipocytes. Following this process the fat cells are removed and disposed through the lymphatic system and in part, metabolized by the body through normal physiological processes. Our CRYOGEN SYSTEM machine is supplied with four handpie- ces,( two large handpieces for treatment of large skin surfaces and two medium handpieces for treatment of smaller surfaces. Both handpieces are able to suck the skin surface to be treated, in any targeted part of the body, subjecting it to a Progressive cooling process (Cryolipolysis), which ultimately leads to the freezing of the local fat cells. As a result the treated area will show a significant reduction in the volume of fat or a slimmer waistline, belly, love handles, etc. Among the many techniques directed to decrease fat and cellulite, the Cryolipolysis is one of the most in demand, thanks to its noninvasive, painless methodology and above all to its effec- tiveness. CRYOGEN SYSTEM is the right choice for those who want to reshape their body easily, fast and with final results.



  • Permanently remove fat cells (adipocytes)
  • Cellulite reduction
  • Disintegration of the fat layer
  • Reduced arms volume
  • Rapid, pleasant and non-invasive
  • Effective from the first session
  • Safe treatment
  • No operator needed