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Defined as the non-invasive alternative to liposculpture, CAVITY CELL SYSTEM solves, in a lasting way, the imperfections of cellulite and excess fat. Research has shown that the cavitation acts on localized accumulations in a definitive way. In fact, the activity of this special device Is based on a particular low-frequency ultrasound emission, able to create a cavitation effect in the hypodermis. In respect to the acoustic physical phenomena, ultrasound is subject to reflection, refraction and diffraction. CAVITY CELL SYSTEM creates sound waves that propagate within the treated biological tissue, attenuating and gradually disappearing. such propagation, tran- sfers the energy, creating a mechanical action of cellular excitation and subsequently produces heat. The two special ultrasonic handpieces pro- vide within the device Low frequency ultrasound, mechanical vibration as well as thermal and cavitation effects on biological tissues. The homoge- neous passage of emitted waves also allows a retraction of the skin tissue more smoothly than traditional liposuction, enough to be increasingly used to repair hollows or unevenness caused by surgical technique. It is good to remember that in adults the fat cells do not have the ability to increase their number. This means that if you gain weight after treatment, the CCs will guarantee the client to maintain a more harmonious and homoge- nous profile. Additionally, the CAVITY CELL sYsTEM action, also creates a pressure effect stimulating the drainage of excess fluid which restores the normal physiological conditions of healthy tissues. CAVITY CELL SYSTEM is the scientifically proven solution that reshapes the silhouette without the need to return to cosmetic surgery, providing outstanding results immediately visible from the first session.


  • Rapid, pleasant and non-invasive method
  • Effective from the first session
  • Greater regularity in the retraction of the skin than traditional liposuction
  • Dissolution of fat cells (adipocytes)
  • Localized action of the treatment


  • Eliminates the fat through normal body metabolism
  • Reactivates the peripheral circulation
  • Revascularizes the treated area
  • Improves tone and elasticity of the tissues without any anesthesia
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CAVITY CELL SYSTEM is a medical device manufactured in Italy according to the national and international security standards (CEI 62.5) whose intended use is certified under EU Directive 93/42 / EEC. The device, therefore, is usable in a hospital environment, private doctors’ offices and other specialized personnel.